2012 and 2013 INLA Continuing Education Webinar Series

In February and March 2012, and again in February and March of 2013, the INLA sponsored a total of nine webinars. Although these live online seminars have passed, we still offer archived versions online, free of charge as a member benefit to INLA members.

Each webinar is one hour length. To get a general feel for the online interface of the webinars please watch the first 5 minutes of this introductory video: http://connect.extension.iastate.edu/ac8

Computer Requirements to participate:

Below are links to the archived versions of past webinars. You will need a password:

March 13, 2013 Small Stature Trees for the Midwest (Dr. Jeff Iles, ISU)

March 6, 2013 (Managing your Most Important Resource…People (Dr. Jeff Iles, ISU)

February 20, 2013 Plant Trends – Present & Future (Brent Gustason)

February 13, 2013 Green Roofs and Sustainable Sites Initiative Update (Dr. Ann Marie Vanderzanden and Miles Thompson)

February 1, 2012   Sustainable Landscape Management (Dr. Ann Marie VanDerZanden, ISU)

February 8, 2012  Landscape Planting: Best Practices (Dr. Jeff Iles, ISU)

February 15, 2012  Post Planting Care and Establishment (Dr. Jeff Iles, ISU)

February 29, 2012  Hardscapes: Trends and Design Ideas Unilock Representative

March 7, 2012  Permeable Pavers Unilock Representative


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