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Membership Registration Materials

Membership Registration is now available online. Click Here for the easiest and quickest way to update your membership or become a member.


Descriptions of member types are below. The slower and less accurate paper forms are also available, which require you to download, print, fill out, and send in your registration as an INLA member.

Active Member – Voting

Download Active Member Form

Any wholesale or retail nursery, retail garden center, or landscaping firm based in the State of Iowa whose primary business is the production and/or distribution of horticultural products or the distribution of products closely allied to the growth or care of horticultural products. Only members of this class shall be entitled to vote at meetings of the Association, and each member firm shall be entitled to only one vote.

Associate Member – non-Voting

Download Associate Member Form

Any person or firm engaged in the manufacturing, vending or distribution of goods or supplies used by nurseries, garden centers, or landscaping firms. Any wholesale or retail nursery, retail garden center, or landscaping firm whose primary location is situated outside of Iowa. Associate members are not entitled to vote at meetings of the Association.

Individual Member – non-Voting

Download Individual Member Form

Any person with an interest in horticulture within the state of Iowa. Individual members may be an employee of a non-member firm, educator of horticulture or landscaping, employee of the state of Iowa, employee of a non-profit arboretum or other horticulture related group, a person retired from active employment in the horticulture industry, or other individuals interested in supporting the mission of the INLA. Individual members are not entitled to vote at meetings of the Association.

ICNP – Maintain Registration

Download ICNP Form

Continuing education is required to maintain certification status. INLA Certified Nursery Professionals must attend one function each year. Please indicate below what function you attended in 2023 and return this form with your annual maintenance fee. Certification maintenance fees are for the period of July 1, 2024 through June 30, 2025.

Member Benefits

1. Becoming a member can boost your professional appearance to the community.

2. As a member you and your employees can take the Iowa Certified Nursery Professional Tests. These tests are designed to probe your knowledge of horticulture, landscaping design and general garden center skills. Once you pass the tests you will be an ICNP. 

3. You will be linked into the Nursery and Garden Center community giving you the opportunity to know more about what is going on in our industry including what is happening with nursery related laws in the state of Iowa.

4. You will receive discounts towards attending the INLA Trade Show and on tree, shrub and perennial catalogs you can use as selling devices in your stores.

5. You will be able to network with your peers at trade shows and other INLA supported events. 

6. Follow our facebook page where we will announce events, important news, have discussions and you can meet more of your peers.

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